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The Give Social 

Our fundraising tool leverages the vast potential of social media platforms to amplify the voices of fundraisers and create a ripple effect of positive change.

Product Page Mock Up.png

Social Media Intergration

The software integrates with popular social media platforms, allowing users to share their campaigns easily. This feature enhances campaign visibility and encourages supporters to share the cause within their networks.

Amplified Campaign Visibility

Making sharing and spreading the word across social networks a simple and intuitive process

Streamlines Donor Engagement

Actively encourage donors to engage with your cause

Leverage Donor Networks

Donors can organically promote the cause among their family, friends, and followers


User-Friendly Interface

Our software boasts a user-friendly interface that prioritizes ease of use and accessibility. Whether it's creating a campaign, sharing updates, or managing donor communications, our intuitive design streamlines the process, eliminating any unnecessary complexity. This advantage makes our software attractive to users of all levels of technical expertise, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Bridging the Technical Gap

We prioritize simplicity and accessibility in every aspect of the software

Campaign Management

Creating campaigns, sharing updates, and managing donor communications are made easy

Seamless Donor Experience 

Eliminates barriers, allowing all donors to join in giving on social networks 

Campaign Performance Tracking

From setting fundraising goals and tracking milestones to managing donor communications, our software offers a comprehensive suite of campaign management tools. Stay organized and focused on your mission with features like automated thank-you messages, progress updates, and donor recognition, enhancing your ability to cultivate long-term relationships with your supporters.

Enhanced Donor Engagement

Stay connected with your donors in an authentically fostering stronger and lasting relationships

Strengthened Supporter Relationships

Keep your focus on your mission by utilizing features that help you stay organized and efficient

Comprehensive Suite of Tools

Set fundraising goals, monitor milestones, and effectively managing donor communications

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Real-Time Engagement and Updates

Social platform integration enables real-time engagement between campaign creators and supporters. Users can provide updates, share milestones, and respond to comments and questions directly through the social platforms, fostering a sense of transparency and connection. This dynamic interaction can help build trust and motivate supporters to contribute or share the campaign.

Foster Transparency

Allow direct communication and immediate sharing of campaign progress

Build Trust 

Social campaign showcase openness and responsiveness, enhancing supporters' confidence

Motivation and Participation

Social proof encourages supporters to actively participate, contribute, and share the campaign

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“Give Social is one of the most intuitive and easy sites I have had the pleasure of using. I couldn’t ask for a better experience!"

Nonprofit Name Here

“Give Social is one of the most intuitive and easy sites I have had the pleasure of using. I couldn’t ask for a better experience!"

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