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Our Story

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It starts with a vision

At GiveSocial, our vision is to create a world where fundraising is seamlessly integrated into social media, empowering individuals, organizations, and causes to generate meaningful impact and inspire a culture of giving. We envision a future where social networks become powerful catalysts for positive change, connecting passionate advocates with a diverse and engaged community that shares their vision and values.


Through our innovative platform, we strive to revolutionize the way people engage with philanthropy, making it accessible, enjoyable, and effortless. We envision a world where fundraising campaigns thrive on the strength of authentic storytelling, leveraging the reach and influence of social media channels to ignite meaningful conversations, cultivate empathy, and mobilize support.

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The Foundation

Give Social was founded by Jessica Davenport who spent several years fundraising a rare disease research at Stanford University in a fight for her children's lives. During this time, Jessica identified a significant missing component in the connection between social media users and donors during the gifting process. While social media was her organization's primary fundraising channel, she realized that the process was not seamless. Despite her fundraising success, Jessica noticed that she was unable to retain all her donors when they had to leave social platforms to complete their donations through external sources. Recognizing that this issue likely affected other organizations reliant on online donations, Jessica decided to address the problem.


Typically, nonprofit organizations share inspiring stories online, attracting followers and comments of encouragement. However, they often fail to utilize these followers effectively in retaining donors. It became evident that people online are willing to help when the giving process is straightforward and clearly outlined. In today's fast-paced world, our giving practices must align with this need for simplicity.


The concept for Give Social emerged in October 2023 while Jessica was organizing an online fundraiser and considering the logistics of the donation process for donors. She realized that there were too many steps involved, prompting her to question why donors couldn't simply comment on a post to make their donations, with the process seamlessly executed. Furthermore, the interaction with comments was crucial for organizations to remain relevant in newsfeeds and maintain engagement during the donation process.


To bring the idea of Give Social to life, Jessica approached Eric Howard, a friend who possessed a background in banking software and startup experience. Eric's expertise and dedication were instrumental in expediting the development of the software, from the initial pitch to production. As the Director of Operations for Give Social, Eric played a pivotal role in driving the project forward.


Give Social is expected to become the leading social media giving tool for nonprofit organizations.

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